Monogram for the third issue of Foxing Quarterly.

Duvel font family, inspired by the Belgian city of Ghent.

Paperwork fot the Atelier Julian Legendre.

Je hais le light painting.

Brasserie de l'Olive

Hand-made lettering


type : Bold

Posters showing the fonts of Velvetyne Type Foundry.

Lettering for the Équipe Type #5 issue : inventaires.

Since september 2013 I conduct workshops with children at the Club des Enfants Parisiens.


Tattoo for Katy

Letterings made for tattoos

Posters for the DJ collective Fumisteries.

Logo design for the photographic project A-Zero

Monoslab, a clever mono font with 8 widths inside to play with. In progress.

Logo of the Velvetyne Type Foundry, libre, open-source and free-of-charge typefaces.

Independent type and graphic designer living in Paris. Part of the Velvetyne Type Foundry and currently working part time for Atlelier Julian Legendre or with AAAAA Atelier. Conducting type and graphic workshops wih children at the Club des Enfants Parisiens.

I'm available for graphic design, lettering or type-design missions. Please feel free to contact me.

Download my Curriculum Vitae

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Video and vitrine design with Julian Legendre.

Développé avec Berta